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Page Performance

Hello everyone,
I struggle with some performance of my page which causes a bad scoring.

I used small images, they´re also on lazy load, I try to keep my project clean from unused animations and classes. But what else can I do?
There need to be many images on the page also the redirects to vimeo videos to present the work of sundays studios.

Also I don´t know how to do the descriptive text link.

Has anyone any Ideas how I can do it better?
I´m not a developer, just a designer and startet working with webflow only a few months ago. Any help is much appreciated.

Update 2021-10-08
This is the url to the Published side:

I don´t use much custom code. In the header is just a script for a cookiebot, but the rating of the side was the same, before I added the script.
For the home-page I just added a custom breakpoint so just a few elements get visible and others invisible on devices smaller than 1000px in width.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Sundays-Studios
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

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Hi @WALKINGBRANDS thanks for your post.

The 12 second load time is pretty high for a site that is only 2.1mb in size and only 53 page requests, it might be some particular file is taking a long time to download.

To check this further, could you help to share the published url to the site ?

Also, if you have custom code being used in the head or body of the page, or in an embed, that can also affect performance, so I recommend to create a duplicate of the page if using custom code and then do testing with no custom code rendered to create a baseline.