Extremelly Long Load Time

Web: https://game.framework.so/

Read only: Webflow - Gamified Platform


Recently have developed a relatively simple landing page, but the problem is that it has insanely big load times.

The images used in the page take only 400kb, the custom fonts are 100kb, and the web itself has only a few animations.

I don’t have any custom codes or scripts.

I literally have no clue why it takes so long!

GTMetrix says that some JS files are blocking the load times, but I’m not sure how to check what those files are responsible for.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

I believe those numbers are erroneous. PageSpeed Insights is showing much better results (93 mobile) and so is lightbox when I tested locally.

Thanks for the reply!

I actually found a solution.

The problem was that I had a lot of background elements (DIVs) with a blur filter to create ambient background effects.

As I researched more on the internet, it turns out that these elements that use blur filters are CPU-heavy elements and increase the load times.

It’s weird, but when I removed them and changed them with PNGs – it worked flawlessly.

Something to keep in mind! Thanks again!