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Slider with invisible slide shifts too much to the left

I have i slider on my page. the slides are images from a collection.
I hide every empty slide (no image in the collection = no slide).
Unfortunately the following slide after a none displayed one shifts in the mask too much to the left and the next slide shows on the right side.

Anyone an idea?

I have an idea of what is causing the issue, but it is difficult to say without seeing the site.

Can you please share your Read-Only link :slight_smile:

Here ist the link:

you have to go to the collection site to see the slider

You can see the problem only be the collection item «Hayoz, Gurmels»
There ist one picture that is empty and after that there fallows new images

I think i figured it out.

i think a div placeholder in webflow has always a width and height so you can see the placeholder in the designer.

now i changed the width of the invisible div to 0px.
and then i don’t have the shift.

Thanks for sharing that @mark_artos

Has the issue been resolved? :slight_smile:

yes i think so.
i have to do more tests but i think it works.

so now i have a slider from a collection and i can have empty sliders :grinning:

thats so great

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