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Can't access more than one slider slides

Hey all, thanks in advance!

This is my problem:
In all sliders in my site I can’t access the slides after the first one. Meaning: I add a slider, design the first slide, then when I add another one and switching to it via the slider settings - and I click on the slide to start design it, the focus goes to the mask. Every time. I tried to duplicate the first slide (via the navigator - copy pasting it), and still it appears empty.
I would mention that I’ve used sliders before in previous sites and it worked fine.

This is the first slide -

You can see the second slide is a duplicate of the first one.
I’m clicking on the second one and get this:

it’s empty! and when clicking on the slide inside the designer (in order maybe to add the components my self or just navigate through it) - the mask gets the focus and not the slide:

This is frustrating…

Please assist if you can.

Here’s a link to my site:

The section with the slider is the fourth.

Thank you

if you’re using flexbox, then there is some bug or issue, as i have run into this as well. What i ended up doing was putting my slide content into a box, then styling that box, rather than styling the slide itself.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


thanks @rchrdnsh, but no - i’m not using flexbox. I tried also putting a div inside the slide but there’s no reaching it, since the focus always goes to the mask… except the first slide.
Thank you anyway!

I think it’s a bug - anyone from webflow team might be here to assist?

Hi @mickyridman, it looks like there have been some changes made to that slider widget, some of the components have been removed, the left and right arrows seemed to have been removed all together.

If you are not using the arrows, I would set those to display none, rather than deleting them from the slider all together.

My suggestion would be to drag a new slider to the page, then drag the content from the old slides to the new slides.

Try that and let me know if that does not help.

Thanks @cyberdave, I have already tried what you suggested (and tried it again now), but it did not help…
same behavior - after adding the slider, switching to 2nd slide, clicking it will focus the mask instead of the slide.
Also tried various options of putting it inside different elements div/container/section…same behavior.

In the meanwhile I needed to deliver the website to my client so I have implemented a slider with webflow interactions (stacked the slides one on top of the other and used interactions to turn them on/off) .
For now it’s ok but it’s not a scalable solution (it’s a pain to add new slides).

I checked the slider in a new site - and it works. it for some reason doesn’t work on this site only…

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