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Slider disappearing on smaller screen sizes

I am trying to make a slider that is changes on the lower screen sizes but for some reason when i click on preview the slider just disappears for absolutely no reason at all.

on the whole i find the slider, which can look great, done quite badly on webflow and needs improving massively. made a couple of websites in the last few weeks and both have had sliders and each time its only element that i have trouble with.

here is my site. please help!!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Is this the slider you are talking about?

As you can see it is visible in preview. At least for me it is. Can you screenshot or screencast your problem?

Sorry about that I went out of the project and when I went back in again it seemed to work. Very strange but at least it works. I have been having issues with sliders though. They seem very temperamental. Especially when I’m trying to place the arrow icons in uncommon positions. Thanks for the help though

Any advice you could give on sliders would be very helpful though

Here is my honest opinion on sliders (not from Webflow point of view but from my own UX experience) - do not use them or use them only when really-really necessary. Users don’t like sliders, they are bad at delivering information, huge amount of people don’t ever click the arrow to see what’s next etc. They are just bad ux. If you use them learn to keep in mind that only your first slide will be seen most of the time.


thanks for the advice. after the last few websites ive made i may just use that advice. makes sense.

thanks mate


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