Slider skipping one slide and help creating slider design

My sliders are skipping one slide.
Also, check out my read-only link.

  • On the first slider, I have 3 slides but can only view 2. You’ll notice the right arrow disappears after you move to second slide.
  • On second slider, I have added 4 slides but can only view 3 slides. It skips the green slide.

Any help is appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @juanerazo, thanks for the post and report, I took a look and it seems the slider has the “hide arrows at each end setting”, so the right arrow does not show on the last slide:

I would uncheck that and see if it helps, here is what I see when I disable that:

It looks like there may also be some styling offsets on the Slides and mask (the 95px and -95px that are affecting the layout, when I remove those the slider works as it should with default scripted behavior:

Changing the margins or padding on those slides can have unintended results, I would probably check further on the slide styling or create a new post how to achieve the effect you are after on that.

I hope this helps.

Thanks @cyberdave for looking into it.

The “hiding at each end” is what I need for the slider. I don’t want the arrows to appear when there aren’t any more slides.

The 95px/-95px is to show a peek of the next slide. Do you know of a better way to achieve this?

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