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Slider showing all slides with horizontal scroll bar

I was going through my site and changing display settings from 100VW to 100% to get rid of the horizontal scroll bar. However, something changed with my slider now and it doesn;t display one image, and all of the others are visible all the time with a long horizontal scroll bar. I can’t find what I did to make this happen. I’d rather not rebuild it because I’m sure I just ticked something or changed a setting to make this happen. Any insight?

(about the staff page)

Oh, and it doesn’t appear like this in the preview of Webflow. Only on the published site version:

I notice now I have the same thing on the other page with a slider About the clinic: - though it’s not as pronounced.

Hello there. I’m not sure how to fix your issue as I’m fairly new, but I thought I’d hop on board and let you know you can get rid of that line under your dropdown menus by selecting either the “nav text block” or “dropdown toggle” and going over to your Element Settings. In there click “Open Menu” and then click on the bottom dropdown link and remove the “Bottom” border from it. :slight_smile: Just thought that might help.

Good afternoon @IPT, thanks for submitting your question here today.

After looking through your project, I was able to see what was going on. Here are my notes:

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Brandon, thanks so much. That was VERY helpful.

Yeah, there are some organizational issues for sure. Unfortunately I started learning the program and building at the same time. I often dragged one thing here and there, then learned a better way to do it and changed stuff. Not everything got changed though. As you saw I had to do stupid stuff with huge margins (or negative margins) to correct my basic (foundation) layout errors.

I’ll have to watch your video a few more times because you gave me a ton of info that will be really helpful so I can clean it up more. Thanks again,and sorry it got way deeper than just the slider but I do very much appreciate it.

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@IPT, I am glad my video helped. Sorry I went deeper than planned. I get carried away at times, but sometimes it helps.

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