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Why am I getting a scroll bar on this page?

I am getting a scroll bar on the bottom of my home page and I’m not sure why. I checked for anything that might be over 100 % but didn’t see anything. What am I missing?

Also someone looking over my site said in Internet explorer on this page the text didn’t all fit on the page? I have previewed in edge and google chrome with no issue. Is there something I can change to prevent this from happening?

@IPT Hi it’s not a scroll bar you have pushed the fooer with 14 px remove the bottom 14 px it shoulds be 0px

Thanks Janne - I removed that, but still have the issue. Isn’t this a scroll bar on the bottom? Ugh, can’t convert to a JPEG. Will upload screen shot when I get home. Ah, it let me paste it.

Your scroll horizontal bars is one of the most common questions on this forum honestly. The answer is: do not use 100vw for your content. Use 100% for the full width. Change your wrapper div settings.

Thank you. Is that a blanket statement for all content? To avoid issues should I be checking all of my sections and DIVs with a width and using a 100% vs 100 VW? What if the amount is less than 100%, does it matter then?

This did fix the issue, thanks.

Its just that the 100vw setting ignores the width of the scrollbars at the side of your browser, taking into consideration only full browser window. Hence your content doesn’t fit. 100% takes into consideration only usable width of the browser. Plan your work around this fact and you will be fine :slight_smile: