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Horizontal Scroll Bar Problem

Hi, the width of my site seems to do something strange. It’s a one-page site.

At the hero section, a horizontal scroll bar appears at the bottom, and I can scroll to the right, and my other sections move left, and more of the background video is revealed. I don’t want to be able to scroll horizontally. Why is site not responsive to wider monitors?

If I then scroll down to the services and portfolio section, the horizontal scroll bar disappears. If I scroll down to the contact section, it re-appears, and I can scroll horizontally revealing the video behind that section (see pics).

Horizontal scroll bar is present:

Horizontal scroll bar disappears here:

Horizontal scroll moves about section off screen and reveals more bg video:

Horizontal scroll bar re-appears at the contact section:

Horizontal scroll moves contact section off screen and reveals more bg video:

Does this happen only on wide monitors, or can this be seen on all monitors and resolutions?

Here is my public share link:

Published Site

There’s a lot of weird things going on on your site. First, you have your body set to a fixed height. I recommend removing that style so that it is set to auto. I think the width issue is due to an interaction you have on the web hosting column to move right 1000px with the parent container set to overflow:visible. If you set this to overflow: Hidden it should stop that behavior.

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