Need some help understanding two things, horizontal scroll and VH/VW settings

Hey everyone,

I am only an intermediate designer and early user of webflow but I am loving the no-code approach. I have been hired to create a site that I am having difficulties with and I believe it is probably due to me not understanding some of the controls. Disclaimer, this is still early in the design phase and I am learning through trial and error.

Please see the Home page for the error in question. I have a horizontal scroll bar that I can’t seem to remove using overflow settings, I have checked for negative margins across each element, however, I can’t find the offending element.

There are multiple pages where this occurs if you go to the live site link here, you can see the same thing here:
Offender Live-Link 2

But NOT here: Recipe Page

Could this have something to do with me trying to use the VH / VW combinations for it to be responsive? Or, have I overlooked something entirely. I am hoping to get educated to understand where I have gone wrong to better prepare for later.

Looking forward to your help :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: Site Link

Hi @Grant.N,

I have tried to duplicate your issue and I am not seeing it on my end. Could you create a video of what you are seeing and where at on the page of this error?

TIA, Brandon

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for taking the time to try and help. Currently, the Home page has a horizontal scroll bar that I want gone. Please see the capture

I have isolated the offending section by going through each section and setting display to none, testing and moving on.

The offending element is the Featured Local Venue section. But, still, yet to see what the problem is and why is is causing a horizontal bar to appear.

Yep. 100VW includes the scrollbar. Use 100% instead.

Thank you sir, that did the trick!

Appreciate you taking the time out to help me on my way.