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Slider doesn't show 2nd slide

I’m having issues with the slider on a template based site i’m working on.
No matter what i try to do it will only show the 1st slide.

I dragged the slider component to the hero section on the homepage and put a div block inside of each slide, and inside of them i added an image.
That’s it, no other changes where made.
I also tried adding the image directly as a background to the slide component but it gave the same results.

Am i missing something?

read only:
live site:

Hey @Asaf, if you’re still working on this now, it’s actually not the Slider with the problem. It’s the page or Section. It’s causing the slider to Clear, the setting just above Overflow.

I can’t really figure out why yet, but to troubleshoot, add a slider on a new page (I can’t due to read-only). However, I was able to add a slider to one of your collection pages just fine.

And you don’t absolutely need to add a div to insert the image, it can be added to Slide 1 using add image component. It just needs to be large enough.

Check your page settings or some z-index that’s pushing Slider components to outside left margin. It’s saying that ‘No floating elements allowed on either the left or the right side’, with that Clear designation.

Hi @Asaf_Ovdat

@garymichael1313 is on the right track with this one.

It looks like you have a style on the body that is messing with the Slider component.

To resolve this you can remove the direction style added here:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

HOT DOGGIT Brando, you sneaky devil you, I missed it. Grrr. Going to the corner now. Let me know when I can come out :disappointed_relieved: Do better in the troubleshooting steps… Ahh.

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Thank you both @garymichael1313 and @Brando, it really was the style on the body :smile:
But how could i have known that? Is there a document somewhere specifying common bugs on webflow components?

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I typically recommend against adding styles to the body as it can lead to issues.

We don’t have a master list like this but you can check through the bug category if you are curious to see what other issues the community is running into.

In this case though, the issue was not a bug, but a design issue related to a CSS style applied to the Body.

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