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Slider: Background BUG

Hey guys!
So I am using a slider for the first time and it’s not really rocket science at this point. BUT, for some reason I am experiencing 2 bugs:

  1. On Slide 2, I am not able to make the background “fixed”; If I do, the image just disappears.
  2. When switching between slides, it glitches all sorts of crazy

The strange part is, slide 1 was able to use a “fixed” background. So I tried simply using the same image on both sliders, yet still gave me issues. Any thoughts?
I could of course use an Image within the DIV to create the background, but I’d rather not here.


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  1. General rule you’ll want to remember with the webflow slider component. Never apply any styling to the divs called “slide1” “slide2” etc.

  2. Select the slides you’ve given properties to and remove all styles or delete the class name so that they go back to their native names of “Slide1”, Slide2, etc.

  3. Drop a div inside the slide and give it a height of 100% to create your blank canvas for each slide.

  4. You’ll want to adjust the sizing of your slider on the main component only.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve with the fixed background. Is there an example slider out there you can share, that achieves the look you’re going for?

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Because a slider uses scripts to animate movement, manipulates positioning offsets, cross-fades, etc. you cannot use fixed images within the slider component. You can fix a div that contains the entire slider component so that it behaves as a fixed element within the page.

Port_of_Folio’s advice is spot-on.

Mod-Edit: Not a bug. Moved topic to Design Help -> Layout.

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