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Slider not showing content

Hi all,

i’ve facing a common issue which seems to be popular with Webflow users. i’ve added a slider to my home page to pre-view my products, the slider has two pages, first page content loads perfectly, second page only one product out of two is rendered.

CMS collection content is identical for both slider… cannot understand what might cause this.

here’s a preview to my site, please select “old home” page.

any ideas welcome. Thanks in advance!

can you specify which slider?
Maybe you can post an image, your “old home” has alot of content :smiley:


heres a video capture and a photo



have you managed to look at the content i uploaded?


Hello @Ahmed_Ghazi

You can do it like this to keep it simple. Select collection list wrapper in slide 2 and delete it. After that copy collection list wrapper from slide 1 into slide 2. After that go into settings of Collection list from slide 2 ( press letter D on keyboard and it willl show up on the right) In there you will see field named limit items, set that up to show 3 elements starting from 4. item. Also you don’ttt have enough items bbased on your filter so you either need to remove filter " Contains Category: Men" or simply add more items.

Let me know if thiis helps, cheers.

Hi @Incognito_Agency

thank you for your input. so i’ve done exactly what you have specified with no success. the items in category Men are exactly 5. so when specified in the limiter it should appear. recent testing showed that once slider moves to slide 2 (where the 5th product does not show) if i scroll up/down slightly the 5th product wrapper appears out of no where. i’ve recorded a small video attached here.

very weird phenomena :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Here you can see what you need to do:

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Problem Solved! small video explaining my thoughts and a thank you!

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