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Slider not working as it should

Hi all,

I have some problem with silder on my project - My slides on Template Page does not change how they should.
Thing is that every new slider I make does not show second/third/etc slide, it only shows first slide. If I hover on Slide 2 in the navigator I can see that Slide 2 box is somewhere outside slider(see picture).

To test it I made new project:
and as you can see I was able to add 2 different background without any problems.

What could be interfering with slides?

img as example:

The page the bug is happening is under CMS collection pages > Artists profiles template

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Daystar,

Thanks for posting about this!

Sliders aren’t an Element that can be directly linked to CMS Collections, however its is possible to add a background image to each slide.

Instead of having a new Div Block nested inside each Slide, try giving unique classes to the slide and set the background image directly:

Hope this helps :wink:

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