Multiple slides not showing up in slider

Hey there. I’m working on building just a basic slider at this point. It’s just a homepage slider at the top of the page and I wanted to cycle through some different text on each slide that is overlaying the same image background.

The problem i’m having is that when I add a second slider, it appears below the current slider. But what’s weird is, in the designer you can see the outline frame for the slider elements but the image isn’t actually visible either in design mode or live mode. When you go to live mode it’s like it’s not there at all, not over the slider background image or below. It’s like it’s hiding or something. I don’t understand why all the sliders aren’t showing up over the background as you scroll through.

I’m guessing i’ve done something funky to mess with it but i can’t figure it out.

Side note: I have the slider inside a “section” so that I can have a negative top margin and have it appear behind the navbar. I thought that might be the issue so I tried removing it from the “section” and having it stand alone but that didn’t help either.

here’s the share link:


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