Slider background classes & content not working

I’ve experienced this a few times in the past… even on paid templates.

Each time I create/copy a new slide in a slider, my background class and contents don’t appear. Instead they’re covered up by some default style.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to get this working, but have had zero luck.

Below is my original slide – flexbox, fixed background image, headings within a container and so on…

I’ve copied this slide within the navigator and neither the background nor the contents (text) is showing. Even despite making drastic style changes, closing windows and even logging out and back in.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here… Link below:

Only thing I can think of is to create a div inside the slider and put background style in that. The background img and styles seem to be more one time things unless you create a div to hold them. Then that div with all classes and styles is repeatable.

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Great advice! I HAD thought that the slider was controlled by a default set of rules, just wasn’t sure how it worked.

So I removed all the styles applied to the slider, mask and slide and added a div within each slide, then reapplied the styles and BAM! Thanks for that, mate!

What’s odd is that I can only apply a fixed background style to the first slide background image, while any successive slide breaks the bground image unless set to not fixed

Ah well, I still got a win! :+1:

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