Sitemap.xml contains references to /404 and /401 error pages

Currently the Webflow sitemap generator is including error pages (e.g. 404, 401) in the pages it is asking Google to index. Since accessing these pages returns a non-2xx HTTP response code, Google’s sitemap indexer then reports errors, and keeps alerting me that there are problems with my websites that need to be resolved.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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YES! This is happening to me, too!

I’ve noticed this too… Is this expected behavior?

Hi guys, curious if this will be fixed soon, and when it’s fixed do I need to re-publish all of my sites?

Hi @memetican

Thanks so much for posting about this issue and apologies for the delayed response here.

I looked at a sitemap for your site and a couple of other Webflow hosted sites, but I wasn’t able to see any links for /404 or /401 pages.

Are you still seeing this on your end?

Thanks Brando! It’s in my older sites that haven’t been republished, but gone from the more recently published ones. I’ll republish them all.

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