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[Resolved] 404 for all pages

I was just notified that one of my pages was returning a 404. I republished and now all - including the homepage - are returning 404. Please advise ASAP.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @linnanem

Thank you very much for posting about this CMS page outage.

​You are not alone in experiencing this - You’ll notice that our Templates site is also offline due to this issue.

This is not acceptable and I am working with the team at high priority to push a fix ASAP.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we work towards a resolution.

I’ll post back as soon as I have an update!

Hi Brando,

Thanks for quick reply. Please note this isn’t CMS page related. It’s all pages - STATIC as well, even the homepage.

Please keep me in the loop, as I have active marketing campaigns that rely on this.


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Thanks for that extra information @linnanem

I will definitely keep you posted as the team makes progress here.


Looks like these pages are propagating again. Can you let me know if the issue is resolved on your end?

Yup same thing happened to me for all of my pages.


Can you test once more and let me know if it’s resolved?

If not can you share the links to the pages that are down?

​Thanks in advance.

It’s working now, thanks! You guys are the best.

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Happy to hear that @Ryan_Power — You can find an incident report here:

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Looks like everything is fine for me after another re-publishing.

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