All blog post are showing 404

Hi - I added a blog post and now all the blog pages aren’t working and returning a 404. All the other site pages are still working. What do I need to do to fix this? Thanks

I’d try republishing to both your staging and prod sites, but it looks like your blog entries haven’t published at all;

Probably unrelated but I’d also fix this-
Your nav doesn’t need external links, and it confuses testing.

I’d change this to page / blog


Thanks for having a look. Okay, I’ll change that. Yikes they haven’t even indexed. Any reason why this would happen? The first post was Nov. 2022 and I think this just happened.


You might contact support to find out more, main thing is to fix it and publish them though. Can’t index pages that don’t exist on the site.

It’s possible they were there for some time, and then somehow unpublished, and subsequently de-indexed after awhile.