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Crawl Error for unpublished pages

Hi guys,

monitoring my page on google webmaster, I received a crawl errors for pages that I once created on webflow but then deleted and actually never published. These errors pump up regularly now. My current solution is to always redirect them as soon as I see it on google.

Is there a more convenient way for that? Since I don’t quite remember what pages I once created, more errors will probably pump up…

Thanks so much for your very appreciated community help!

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I haven’t encountered that yet…I don’t think. I’m curious, have you resubmitted a site map? Or asked for those pages to be removed from the google index?

Yeah I did submit a sitemap… Hm… Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

Hi @C.JUNGMAIR, could you help to provide some additional information, such as one of the old urls that are having a crawl error, and the url to the sitemap generated by Webflow? i.e.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Dave,

Thx for your response. The following URLs are “broken”:


My sitemap is automatically generated by webflow, thus it’s URL is

Hi @C.JUNGMAIR, It looks like these urls were indexed on the old server and still exist in Google Search index of the site.

Webflow only generates the sitemap for pages that exist in the current site. In taking a look at the sitemap.xml, it matches the pages that are published on the site.

I would suggest to request google to remove those invalid urls

I hope this helps!

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