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Site takes 30 Seconds to load

Hello, i have an site, where i have uploadet several images without optimizing them. I have been trying to delete these images in the Assets Folder, but they’re coming back every single time. I know that they will return, if they are still somewhere on my page. But they simply aren’t.

Meanwhile i have tried to completely rebuild the site by copy and pasting section by section in a new project step by step. Now i see the first image, eg. at the mobile version as an backround, i delete it. But after saving the projekt, leaving and returning the image is back.

Can someone help me?

Hi @Deutscher

Can you please share your read-only link as well as your live link so we can take a look!

Not really, cause its an customer project. I think its clear what i mean, there has to be a solution so right now i have 20 images with more than 2 mb and i simply cannot delete them.

I would double check your Navigator panel and if any are background images on your elements.

But in the end if they aren’t visible on your site, just double check the images folder after you export the code and delete them. I may be wrong but just because they are in the assets panel doesn’t mean they go through on the site push/code export.

Hi @Deutscher

Thanks for posting. @jason09 brought up a good idea — I’d double check to see if these images are used in other classes somewhere. You can also use the “Clean Up” option to clear out any unused styles that may be referencing these images.

If this doesn’t work, please feel free to contact our Support Team with your Read-Only link and we can take a closer look.

The images being in the asset manager would not affect page load time. The page will not need to download the images unless they are being displayed somewhere.

When you say that you see the image is a mobile background, and you delete it… Do you mean that you delete it in the styles panel? Because THAT is what you need to do in order to be able to remove it permanently from the asset manager.

Even if you just remove the class from the element that is calling the background image, that class will still be in your stylesheet unless you go into your style manager and manually delete it. If that class is there, and it still references the image, the image will still be in your asset manager.


How do i export and import the code? If i go into the designer i am just able to export it, and not to take changes, like deleting these heavy images.

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