Deleting Images?

So since for some strange reason there are no options for simply replacing images with new images of the same name, I am having to manually re add all my images (optimized) and delete the old ones.

What happens if you don’t delete the old image, or what happens if you delete an image that’s assigned? Seems as though when I close Webflow and reopen the images come back.

What’s the proper method (well aside from using the right images from the start).

I have been doing “replace image” with the new one, then I remove the old one. Sometimes they seem to come back though after I’ve deleted them.

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If the images you delete from the images panel are used in styles, they seem to come back. Likely you missed a style that was still using that image. If you delete or modify the styles that do, then delete the image, it shouldn’t come back. I know this is not an ideal workflow and I am annoyed with it as well. I hope the team figures out a better way of replacing images soon.

Thanks! I will keep working at it, you’re very helpful to all my posts :slight_smile:

I’ve got one more new one now to post!

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:warning: The only safe way to delete unused images from a site is one at a time. The workaround of deleting all images and refresh the Designer to have only used images remaining can actually cause corruption and issues with the used images. Please do not try this. :warning: