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Unused images are still in exported site

I was looking through the image folder that I just exported and it has several images I no longer use on the site.

I’ve checked two of them in the first screenshot so you know what I am referring to.

Why are they still in there? How do I get rid of them?

More interesting - when I did a speed test of the site it actually referred to these two images as needing to be reduced in size!

Oops - forgot to include ref to the site. enter link description here

And here is the project link

If the images were set as backgrounds, they are defined in and part of the CSS. If you have unused classes still remaining in your CSS the images may possibly still load or cache whether they are displayed in your HTML? Not sure, but I think that is correct. Try deleting unused classes and see if they still show up.

I deleted unused classes and they still showed up.

try viewing the production site in a different browser.
that way the cache is not an issue…
and you can also see which images are actually loaded.

Did so. Cleaned out cache. Rebooted browser. Then ran another Google PageSpeed test on the site. It identifies two images that are not being used: F-15E.jpg and F-16C.jpg The images I am using are F-15ER.jpg and F-16CR.jpg which are considerably smaller files.

vrlogic most likely identified the problem, I had the same problem you have, and found I had left a unused css class that had a background image on it, once I identified it I ran the “clean up styles” link it went away,

however, if you have that image buried underneath something else and so being used in a class in a “hidden” mannder, you will need to find it and then remove it manually.

You are right - code doesn’t lie. I found it.

OK - final observation. It will still not delete the file (the image is still in the image folder). But at least now when I do the PageSpeed test it does not reference it any more.

if I understand you correctly …

that would be a standard computer issue, ie delete it from the folder on your hard drive of your computer, if you can FTP up and look around, then find the same folder there and delete that image (s) from there if you want too.

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I have the same issue and I have checked in the designer and still haven’t found elements that had the previous pictures. And there are no css styles to be deleted. So I don’t know where they are or how to find them. Can someone help?? Here is my shared link: