Asset will not delete

when going through the images that I don’t use in asset I find the next time I log in to my webflow work layout for Pacific project that the images I deleted show up again. Now, this was a template that I used when building the website in the begging , but I didn’t use the images that came with the template.

The ones the came with the template are circled. This happens every time I delete them and log out and the next time I log in it’s back. it’s becoming annoying and when exporting the website it shows up multiple times in the asset folder for some the images.

will not delete

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Had the same problem. Then I found out that somewhere in the project the images was used (linked). As long as a image is linked, somewhere, it will return.

I have look everywhere and can’t find the images on any page ,but it still show up after deleting them. Also I have’t used CMS collections on the website , so I have no idea why they’re still showing up.

Can you share your read only link?

You are likely using the asset somewhere, but unknown as to where. Remember, if you use as a background image then it will still return which can make it difficult to find.

It may be worth checking the URL of the image and searching for it in the website code, depending on how big your site is.

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I had this issue. Drove me mad! It ended up being assigned as a background on a combo class on a single breakpoint :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: took me forever to find it haha.

It was a 3mb photo as well (uploaded to test how it looked before using a reduced size) so it was really important to find and get rid of!

Sorry I have been busy here is my read only link:

sorry have been busy here is my read only link:

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