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Site shows classes on more pages than exist

Before I move to far along a new site, I want to make sure I don’t have a major problem. The count/pages is off.

I have one single page (did have three but deleted two previously).

But the class count area shows multiple pages.

Is this a bug or is something caught somewhere?

Just cloned one of the free templates from WF and tested creating a page and deleting. Problem exist there as well so I assume this is jus a bug.

Hi @jdesign, this looks like a bug perhaps. We’ll check it out. I will get back to you with more info soon. Cheers, Dave :smile:

@cyberdave Thanks, I don’t remember now if I changed something or if you guys already fixed it. Is there a list of fixes and such somewhere? Already have a couple sites up, running and hosted with Webflow. I’m trying to determine if something changed with a fix or feature would it impact the live site or not until I logged in to the design interface and made changes?

Hi @jdesign, here is the latest updates list.

I hope that helps, cheers, Dave :slight_smile:

@@cyberdave Actually, I had that link already but it seems like there are some changes/fixes that happen that aren’t listed there. I get that you can’t log every single item for users.

My bigger question is could some of the changes potentially impact a live site hosted with Webflow without us knowing in advance?

Hi @jdesign, all changes we make in Webflow are tested for compatibility, and any changes should not impact your Webflow site. With that said, bugs do happen from time to time. We of course do our utmost to prevent those, and when they do appear, we try to correct them as quickly as possible. Whenever sites are affected by a bug, it is always our highest priority to fix those things. How quickly depends on the severity of the bug and impact to the system :slight_smile: I hope this helps :smile: Cheers, Dave

I think maybe the coffee didn’t work this morning so if I’m being dense sorry in advance. If changes are made in the Webflow system will or can they impact a live published site? Assuming I haven’t opened the site or made any changes in the design since the Webflow system changes were made?

Hi @jdesign, thanks for your message. We never delete, alter or change a site or it’s contents. Feature updates do not affect your sites design or content and the published site is unaffected.

No change will be published to production for your site, unless you are the one to publish that change.

I hope that helps, let me know if you have further questions :smile:

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@cyberdave That clears it up for me.