Phantom class changes

Every once in a while I will check a page on my site and notice something has changed or is broken. I have more or less come to peace with this, but thought I would at least share this example so perhaps you can learn. In this instance, the button class was switched to “Scroll” – which I might add, you could probably disable for buttons as no one would ever need this.

I have obviously identified and fixed this, but thought I would attach screenshots. The live site is

Hey Brian,

Seems really strange, does this happen on all your projects? I can’t think of having any similar problems. You don’t have any duplicate class names that are getting changed on other pages?

I’d suggest submitting your project to webflow support if you’re certain this is occuring without any editors or duplicate class names.

  • PS I’ve got a client using gigwell atm, was weird to see it here :rofl:

Glad to hear! Hope you had no problems with the embed :slight_smile:

I do not use Webflow outside of this project so I can’t answer to other projects – but the elements in question here are in symbols, so I know it wasn’t a duplicate class issue because the rest of the sight would have had the same issue. Also, I have gone pretty far out of my way to rename classes and use Symbols in lieu of copy/pasting. There have not been any recent changes to the site and it was, with the exception of these occasional phantom changes, a stable site. I should also add that the page in question here in particular /ticket-counts-pro has not been touched in over a year.

In your experience this never happens? This is unrelatable to you? I just can’t imagine other people don’t have this problem with how much it happens to us.

Do you have any suggestions on best practices for avoiding duplicate classes? My largest issues with Webflow come from duplicating classes and using symbols.

Better question for you – is there a way to run tests on this? Or print a list of all classes and their locations? It’d be impossible to do a QA check that would fix this on a case by case basis.

You could download the CSS when you are done working. Add it to a git repo, then download the file again, and check for changes before you jump back in the designer to do work. That would identify what changed if anything actually did. Pain though unless you wrote a shell script to do it for you.

You’re not using a Team account right?

Correct, not using a team account. I am the only one making changes to the site.

I suppose I could create a repository…

I would. I have not seen similar issues myself. That would prove changes occurred.

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