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Site plan question

My client has their own Account Plan and Site Plan. Currently, they have the Lite Account Plan and the Business Site Plan. They’ll only ever have the one website and don’t plan on adding or creating any others. however, the website they do have requires CMS capabilities as well as document uploads in forms.

My question is, can they safely downgrade their Account Plan to the Free Starter plan while keeping the Business Site Plan without running into any issues?


As far as I know, yes. Those features are on a site basis, not an account basis.

Thanks Dfink… I realized i had the names of the plans messed up so i’ve updated the post.

If they downgrade to the free account plan will that hamper our abilities to make edits and updates to their website - including to the CMS collections?. Seems like I read somewhere that the CMS is limited on the free account plan.

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Hey @bryantay

With a site plan you can do updates to CMS, add new collections, keep the file upload (business site plan) ect…

They don’t need an account plan to do this since the website has site plan aka hosting.

Piter :webflow_heart:

Excellent… Thanks so much!