Access to the Designer in Site Plans

I designed a website for my friend with my Lite Account Plan and since I did it pro bono, I transferred the site it to a new Starter account I made for them. I did this because I don’t necessarily want to be locked into an Account Plan just to keep their site running, since I don’t really make money using Webflow, per se. So far it works with the free Starter Account Plan since it’s just a landing page with one collection item page.

Although, later I think they want to build out their site into something more robust. If they pay for the $16 CMS Site Plan now and they want want me to design out more pages later, will their account have access to the Designer to design out more pages beyond the 2 pages limit (for starter account plans)? I’m a bit confused.

Yes you’ll get designer with any hosting site plan, I have site plans some are even basic and they have designer access. And as for the page limit, you’ll get *100static pages if you combine stater account plan with any hosting site plan.

Hope this clears your confusion.

Right, but can you design those 100 “static” pages with with collections, etc with just a $16 CMS site plan with a Starter Account without having to pay more? Are there any limitations to the designer compared to a Lite plan per se?

Though you’ll get 100 static pages, 2000 CMS Items, 100,000monthly visits etc but there are some limitations such as: Code export not available, no Project transfers.

You can check such limitations by going to your webflow settings → Select hosting tab and then click “view full comparison” under hosting(site) plans.

I truly cannot find this full comparison breakdown. When I go to “account settings” there is a “Plan” tab, but no “Hosting” tab. The Plan tab only talks about Account plans…

There is a link “Add a site plan” that will take you to that hosting comparison page I guess.

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