Site Plans or Account Plans

Hey Everyone,

me and friend of mine are working as graphic/web designer and for a film festival we have to build a website. We decided to work with webflow for this project and further.

We would like to know which plan would be best for us to purchase it ? we are thinking about getting a site plan ( CMS ) but then are we able to use other features which is enable for paid account plans ? like code exporting or e-commerce ? basically when are purchasing CMS plan for the website is our account still Free user or Lite or Pro ? what are we allowed to do and what are we not ? I would be grateful if someone can answer these clearly.

Because purchasing account plan first (Lite) then getting site plan for the website would be too expensive and makes somehow nonsense.

thanks a lot !

Hi! Good question, there is a particularity around Account Plans.

As long as you’re paying for a Site Plan β€” which means a site with a custom domain, hosted under Basic, CMS, Business, and Ecommerce Standard, Plus and Advanced Plan β€” you can design with a Free Account Plan with all the limitations lifted for those sites.

So yes, by having one or several sites with custom hosting that you pay for, you get all the features of an Account Pro Plan, for those sites. And you still get to have 2 projects under domain, with Free Site Plan.

Paying a Pro Account Plan will allow you to have an unlimited number of sites hosted on β€”10 for the Lite Account Planβ€”, with the limitations of the Enhanced Free Site Plan.


Hi, by mistake I bought site plan of webflow instead of account plan.
Is it possible to convert by paying remaining amount?

Just write an email to the support, they will assist you with this problem