My webflow site is incredibly slow - help please

I’ve run my site through three site speed testing sites and they all say my site is incredibly slow, especially on mobile.

I’ve deleted all of my unused interactions, decreased image sizes, and set a backup font, but nothing seems to improve my ranking.

Any idea how I can better my mobile speed ranking?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Meant to include my read-only link. Here it is -

Hi @snackt, welcome to the community.

An analysis of site performance is done by inspecting the published project URL, which you did not share. If you do then we could take a look and possibly provide feedback.

Sorry, it’s

Swap in a JPEG for the open box, that would whack 200K easily. The actionable items left are integrations which you added. HubSpot, Facebook, Google, all add weight to the page. So get rid of them or deal with the consequences. You cannot further optimize assets included by Webflow so not much else you can really do aside from getting rid of unused interactions and classes.

This is helpful, thanks for taking the time Jeff.

I find lighthouse the best tool to use for optimization. There’s lots you still can do

  1. make sure all requests for html, css and js are minified - see the hosting tab in the project settings
  2. Go though all your assets and make sure they are as compressed as viable or have the correct format. Prefer inline svg for simple icons and use png only for transparent images. You can use tinypng to compress images.
  3. Make sure that images that are not visible on page load and show up later on scroll are deferred in the settings.
  4. Make sure links are only prefetched rarely

I’ve noticed you request lots of unused font properties, make sure to get rid of all unused fonts in the project settings and also remove unused font stylings on elements that have no text in them.

Get comfortable with the devtools and lighthouse to see those things for yourself!