Website slow on mobile

I’ve noticed that my website is slow/laggy on my mobile device. A lot of the time it will struggle to load in areas of the page and sometimes crashes. It’s generally fine on desktop. Wondering if someone could find the reasoning behind this, thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

hey, just wanna share my experience.
loads okay, in some parts there is a half-second lag where cards are just green.

You might wanna check if your images only load on scroll (lazy) or together with the page (eager). Would be helpful to see a read-only link (copy from your designer window) in addition to the published website.

Hi, thanks for your response. That’s the thing, in most of the cards there are no images, only text. How can I check if they load with the page or not?

Here’s my read-only - Webflow - Manchester Blockchain Alliance