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Site Feedback Request

Hi @AndrewBedford,

Neat design, I love the colors and lotties animation. Well done !

I just see two small issues that you can solve easily.

1- Horizontal scrolling - You can replace 100vw values by 100% ( navbar and div / sections ).

2- Z-index issues on a couple of elements - Content in moon03 div have a Z-index set to 10 which seems to be higher than the navbar.

I’d also make your logo in the navbar clickable.

Other than that, I see no issues at all. Keep on rocking ! :sunglasses:

Thankyou, its my first website so i need all the help i can get. Ill look into your feedback:)

You did great. It’s pretty cool to see the power of people with a 2d/3d animation experience jumping in the web. Really like the lottie rocket. Did you all make it in After effects ? How did you handle the 3D mesh in lottie ?

I made the anims in 3ds max with a toon shader so it looks 2D. Rendered out as single pngs. I compressed the png’s then put it in after effects to be rendered out as a lottie. Sounds complicated but its really quite easy.
Im from a games animation background, so going forward into web design it makes sense to make animation my main selling point :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Hey Andrew! Here’s couple comments for you: