Launched my Site… Feedback welcome

Hi guys.

Ive just launched my portfolio/business website. It was made from scratch using Webflow and is based on my animation and graphics work.

Its a soft launch. I will launch officially after feedback.

Yeah, so any advice welcome.:blush:


Hey Andrew! Love the site. Just giving some off-the-top feedback.

  • I feel like some text in the first section would be good – something that gives people a quick idea of what it is you actually do before they dive into your content.

  • I’d recommend making the content text appear fully before the background images and animations or speed up the whole interaction in general. At first, I thought there was no content at all on the home page.

  • On the gallery section, the content slides do not align in the center of the section like the intro animation and text do. See images below.

Thankyou Chris,
Great valid points. The animations are rather slow. I got dumbed down from staring at them so long.
The gallery section is off centre, thanks for picking that up.
Maybe some extra text on the intro section. Mmmm…

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for sharing the site. I appreciated the opportunity to check out the site.

I would second a few of the earlier comments.

  • I think having something upfront that really communicates what Divergent is would be helpful, and pull viewers in.

  • the animations took a little while to load, but they are also really cool!

  • the color palette feels a little disconnected from the content, the dark theme and high contrast colors seem a little removed from content related to social issues and the photo graphs and other media on the site. I get that it’s a tech related design firm but something not a dark might bring out the content a little more? color is totally subjective and I get that you may not have had any say over the palette though.

hope that helps!