Feedback on Site Build

Hello all,

I’ve just created this portfolio site. I’d appreciate feedback. Is there anything that could be improved? Any usability issues?

I’ve tried to use some page transition effects with the screen sliding left or right for the nav items. I find this only works on Chrome but not in Safari, and not on mobile devices. If anyone has any thoughts on why, do chip in.

The public site is at

Many thanks,


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I like the site, it’s simple and cool.

On the works pages, I’m not sure it’s super efficient to make the images disappear again when you scroll back up. They could stay on once revealed, it would be much simpler.

As for the transition, it doesn’t work for me in Chrome either. I think your js for the link delay just don’t work. I see no delay and the interaction is cut.

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Thanks Vincent.

Good thought on the images as I hadn’t considered that.

Re the code. Thanks for the warning. It was lifted directly from Webflow Workshop #114. Perhaps @PixelGeek has a thought here? It does function in Chrome at this end, so seems that it is very temperamental!

And Happy Birthday sir. Blessings for it,


Got it!

Used to check my Javascript. I had the wrong type of ''s in place. On my way, until the next hurdle. One day I might be a hurdling master. Until then, I’m the guy that just keeps running straight into them!



Perfectly describes me too :smiley:

HEY! Your transition is kind of cool now! I like it, I’ll use it soon :slight_smile:

Great job.

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