Single multi-image field binding for lightbox

Learn more about Webflow’s update to lightbox: multi-image field binding to streamline gallery creation and enhance visual engagement for content-rich sites.

Webflow’s lightbox feature has an exciting update that provides more dynamic functionality to the creation of image galleries. The update adds single multi-image field bindings to lightboxes.

Now, users can bind CMS and Ecommerce multi-image fields directly to the media field of a lightbox, expanding the variety of experiences that designers can create, and enhancing the dynamic nature of lightboxes within the Designer.

Whether showcasing a portfolio, managing a photo-heavy blog, or displaying product images in an online store, users can now craft more compelling visual narratives with ease. The enhanced lightbox settings significantly enrich the viewer’s experience.

This enhancement streamlines the creation of complex and visually appealing image galleries by allowing diverse image collections to be integrated into a single lightbox.

Learn more about the updates to the lightbox feature by checking out the Webflow University documentation.

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That sounds like a fantastic update! Being able to bind multi-image fields directly to the lightbox media field in Webflow will surely make creating dynamic galleries much easier. It’s great to see them enhancing the user experience and giving designers more flexibility to craft compelling visual narratives. Thanks for sharing this exciting news!