Create lightbox galleries with your CMS and Ecommerce photos and videos

We’ve made some exciting updates to our lightbox: the component that lets you create immersive, full-screen experiences to showcase photos and videos. You can now connect the lightbox to your CMS and Ecommerce image and video fields, making it possible to bring flexible, dynamic galleries to life.

Let your visitors see your product shots in detail.

Until now, lightboxes worked exclusively with static content–essentially images or videos that you individually uploaded or linked to. This release opens the door to more possibilities:

  • Create a design with lightboxes on a collection template page that will flex to fit the content of all your collection items, for example product thumbnails or portfolio project shots
  • Create grids and galleries in any design using lightboxes and collection lists to group images or videos from your collection content, for example album artwork on a music blog

Connect a lightbox to your dynamic content in one of two ways:

  1. Place a lightbox straight into the design of a collection template page
  2. Create a collection list anywhere and nest the lightbox component

Ensure to connect your image or video source to both the lightbox link and nested image.

To link your lightboxes together, click the checkbox in your lightbox settings, and give your lightbox group a name.

Soon, we’ll be releasing a multi-image field for CMS and Ecommerce content that will make it a lot easier to populate and style dynamic galleries. Keep an eye out for that launch later this month.

Check out a recent product demo where you can see how the multi-image field can work with this new dynamic lightbox feature (at 27 min).


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