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Multi Image Lightbox within Collection List on Standard Page


I would like to build a page were I showcase press publications stored within a CMS collection.
The idea would be to have one card per publication, each publication being illustrated by 3 images accessible using a clic on the card that would open a lightbox.

Images are stored inside a multi image field but sadly, I can’t get access to this field inside my collection list. What I am missing ?

Hi, cannot look into it without a read-only link.

There you go: Webflow - mooqtrees

It’s on the Presse page, going into a redesign process so it’s a but messy…

Hi, you could not use multi-images here.

Neither the lightbox link nor the single image “cover” inside the lightbox link can access multi-image data like this. You have to add a single image field in your CMS.

The multi-image can only be accessed via putting a Collection List on that Collection’s page.


Well, I were expecting this answer but it’s disappointing…
I need to find a turnaround solution since it was the best design I came up with

Yup, some custom code is needed. I have ideas in mind on this by using external JS library and multi-reference, which will need to host the images in another Collection.

Such as this one: Lightbox2

Not tried yet.

Maybe the f’insweet team will pull out a solution. They do that kind of things for other components.
Just dropped them an email…

Running into the same issue with multi-image field and the limitation that has been commented on for two years since it was introduced. The fact it can only be used on a template page is a major problem. One fo the biggest use cases is for exactly what you are talking about.

lightboxes, sliders, to create a page that shows multiple galleries not having to click to a template page and then access it.

It’s not a great solution but I guess it’s to continue using a collection for images and sort them with references or options. Also a limit of nesting 5 items in a collection makes that useless as well. Glad finsweet has a workaround for that. Because without that workaround you can’t even have more than 5 images.

For instance - A static page with a dynamic list of photographers, with a dynamic list of photos nested in it. Possible but limited to 5 nested items. I get there has to be limits possibly for load times etc but 5? This is a major hangup for any type of gallery site. But since it’s been two years I guess the workarounds are the only option.