I can't bind "media images" field to LightBox

I can’t select multi image field (“Media Images”) for Lightbox object. I can only select single image fields.

Can anyone help me about this please?

Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/testproject-9b8461?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=testproject-9b8461&preview=55f1ec0505338647a8931bdd4c9c53a7&workflow=preview
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Multi image fields can only be bound to elements on a CMS or Product page template.

Thank you.
Please dev team add a hint for it. I’ve spent 2 hours to struggle it.

And wht we can’t use it…strange.

It’s clearly referenced in the docs. Always best to take a peek there first.

Multi-image field overview | Webflow University

Read the second paragraph for clarification.

how about showing a hint when user opened a setting box of a light box? or show fields disabled that can’t be bound and when we hover it a hint can be displayed? moreover, this information was not mentioned in the related video. In that video, the use of light box is shown on a product template page. However, it is not said that this component does not work elsewhere. As a user, I thought I was making a mistake when I tried this on another page, naturally either in the CMS or the layout. When we are faced with this type of problem, we definitely spend time asking if there is a mistake or not. We’ll do other experiments. When we can’t find an answer, yes, we look for documents and information. When we can’t find it, we come here and ask. While this whole process can be eliminated with a single UI feedback, it’s not nice to be told “open the docs and read, there’s clearly this information in there” from a community leader. not at all.

@delizade - I think your suggestion makes sense as evidenced by the number of related posts. If you post a wishlist item I would vote for it. My response was more a factual one which was designed more the the next visitor looking for an answer. I apologize for using a tone that could be taken as being dismissive, as this was not my intent.

You can access multi-image CMS items on any page by nesting collection lists. The parent collection list will have your target collection as its source. The child collection list can then select the multi-image field within this collection as its source. You then place your images inside the child collection list item. I found this solution from @AnnaKelian on a related thread: Issue connecting Mutli-image field to images in a Collection list