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Single Image Portfolio Lightbox

Hey guys ~ I realized today that I cannot get a CMS muti image gallery to be displayed/shown one image at a time, (like a slideshow in squarespace or other platforms). This is pretty standard stuff but I hadn’t attempted to create one before today. (like this:

If this feature isn’t available in Webflow natively, what are your fav image gallery scripts for Webflow?

Thanks x10 guys ~

Hello @M_J_Beaulieu,

You can replicate exactly what is on your example on Webflow. I think this blog post article will put you on the right track to achieve what you want. Let me know how it goes.

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Hello @Pablo_Cortes, thanks for reaching out.

The issue is that photographers need ONE post which contains a multi image gallery for each shoot, or collection. The method used in that post has one category, and four slides within it. Using that method is not practical at all for someone with one hundred images. I’ll investigate further and see what can be done about having several galleries, with 25+ images for each gallery.