Simple Generic Login for page of Website

Hi folks,

I am desiging a Website for a recruitment company and they want their staff to be able to submit their hours worked on a form that only they can access on the site.

What I require is when a user goes to the specific page address for this they are presented with a login window with credentials like Username: staff password: recruitment or something like that that when they enter the correct details they can view the form to submit their availability. Is there a way to do this in Webflow?

I don’t need a database or anything, just to protect the page for staff usage only.

You can do a simple JS login, but security-wise it is not advisable. Perhaps export and integrate with Wordpress?

I don’t really need security, just need the appearance of a login really. Thanks!

If you can do this:

  1. Create a new DIV container under body (last element), set position to absolute, width 100vw height 100vh, background any color, set ID to login-form
  2. Add a form to the DIV container with a password field and submit button
  3. Paste your project read-only link here

I can code the JavaScript for you.

This is still in the planning stages currently, our client has just asked us for the functionality but we are still finalising everything for the website.

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