How to create a page with limited access?

I’d like to make a page on my company’s website, that can only be accessed when someone types their email in.
In other words, the page would firstly appear blank with a box requesting the user’s email. Once they submit a valid email, the page would then open to its true form.
Is this possible?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Webflow does not support this type of access control. You can password protect a whole CMS collection or just a normal page. You could also use the membership feature to gate content. Other third parties have more capable membership functionalities like Memberstack but those all use username/password paring. If you can code front end JS then you could build something that accomplishes what you want. That would have limitations since the code could be inspected so you really would want to at least use a remote API that protected the email addresses from being scraped.

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Got it - thanks for the help!

There is a bit of a hack you can use that I use sometimes for “Click to accept terms” or age-gated "enter your birthdate to continue.

It’s possible to use the Webflow password page feature so that the password is automatically applied by script when your conditions are met. For example, enter a date, the script checks that the visitor’s age meets the criteria, and then your script enters the password (hidden) and the page submits.

The advantage is that the “gated” content is actually gated. Search engines can’t index it. No one can access the page directly without going through the gate.

In your case, this could work well however remember that an email check isn’t very meaningful without an email verification. It’s easy to create a bogus email. If that matters to you, a better approach is to use Webflow’s User Accounts feature which requires the person to receive an email to that address and click a verification link before they can access gated content.

Thanks for this - very helpful!
I am a bit confused of roughly what I’d have to type in the password creation box to allow for any email to pass through?
Also, the User Accounts feature that you mention - can this be set up after the password protected page is created?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Password protected pages/folders is a completely separate feature from User Accounts. You’ll have to decide which you want to use depending on what you’re trying to do- most importantly whether you want the additional email verification process.

User Accounts “solves” the valid-email-must-be entered before the page can be accessed but adds several steps before the user can access.

Standard password protected page has a password you set. In the scenario above I occasionally use that with the password field hidden, and it’s auto filled by my script when the user completes the gating criteria ( under 18 verification, accept terms to enter for financial sites, etc. ). But you need to be comfortable with basic programming to build this.

Makes sense - thank you for the help :slight_smile: