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Just design Login form page

Dear Webflow Team,

I have been asked from our IT department to do them interface design for the company webmail that the employee login to their emails from anywhere.

the question can I design just the login page interface in webflow and give them the source code.

as i notice there is no login button feature.

Kind regards,

If you are just doing the front-end design, you will have to speak with your backend developer to ask if this is possible, depending on your mail software. You can always use a button placeholder first.

You can design your interface in Webflow then export the code, then give it to your devs

You could use a regular old button and output the code from Webflow. Doesn’t have to be a special login button. :slight_smile:

Note: By default, Webflow’s buttons are actually <a> href attributes, and your IT folks might want to switch that to a <button> tag, but your output from Webflow will give them the flexibility to do whatever they want.

Thanks guys for your help… So what i understand i will do the design of the login page with existing form with just two feilds email and password and put the button and name it login and export the code and give it to the developer… Actually what i care about to make the login page responsive i dont care once they login to their email how it will look like.
I will try to do it and share the link with u to see it

Thanks again I appreciate your help


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