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"Employee Login" Page, Possible?

Is it possible, in Webflow, to make password protected pages with a login, like an employee or customer login? I’ve seen if discussed but I haven’t found a clear answer.


Currently not possible from server-side. The current solution to support (user registration/user profiles/user account management), is to export and integrate with a third-party CMS like these:

Webflow >> Wordpress >> >>

If you want a simple JavaScript password system that is shared by all users, and can be easily bypassed, and password can be easily stolen, then paste this in the head of your page:

var pwd = "abc123"; // Master password of the page, can be easily stolen
if(prompt("What is the password?") != pwd) {
  alert("Wrong password!");
  window.location = '/'; // Redirect to home page

Do note this password must be re-entered for each page.

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