Simple & clean website

Hi just finished my latest website. Your feedback would be highly appreciated.


Nice work @Hyaad! I really like the varying levels of transparency that you used with the 5px of padding around containers and the fixed backgrounds. It’s a really nice effect!

Keep up the great work!



Thank you!!! I really Appreciate.

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Nice, really nice :slight_smile:

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@Hyaad Good job! I do want to say that the first thing I noticed is that there wasn’t something that really arrested my attention. Perhaps some more high quality vibrant imagery that really stands out. That’s just my take on it!

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Hi Hyaad,

I like the look of it, the yellow and deep blue works really well, very corporate feel.

I’d suggest changing the offset on the location interaction [scroll out of view]. You currently have it set to 40% and I think it may work better around 20%, as when the location box scrolls into view at the moment, the container location text disappears and you must scroll back down to make it appear again.

Not sure if someone else can answer if it’s important, but would it be best to have actual separate sections on the site, rather than using div blocks as sections?

Hope that helps, anyway, the site looks great!

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I love the layout, the colors and that neat transparent effect you’ve got going. Very unique!

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truth be told, this website is very clean, and I really love the special transparent effect.

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