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Hello all,

How do you like my website? All kinds of feedback are welcome.



@dboccia congrats on a good looking site! There are a couple of things I really like and a couple of things I’m not so sure of, really like the animation of the squares on load, but I’m not so hot on the repeat pattern on hover, feels a little unnecessary. Just my two cents, but great job :smile:


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Hey @dboccia I absolutely love what you did with the tabs! It is so beautiful! :slight_smile:

I will caution you that on mobile, maybe change the delay of the flow in to make it almost instant because I scrolled past a lot of great content. Don’t want people to miss those items.

This is my favorite implementation of the tab feature to date. I haven’t looked at the preview section but I assume you are using tabs there? Great work!!!

Hey @Aaron!

Personally, I like the repeat pattern from an aesthetic perspective, and was looking for a way to implement it one way or another, but do agree the rollover itself feels a little out of place. That being said, for now I tend to think it does contribute to the experience and would be more boring without it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey @Waldo!

Ah! It is also my favorite feature. Took a long time to have it work like I wanted. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Yes I am using tabs. It made my day to know that an expert holds this particular part of my design to such high standards!

I agree with your observation regarding the animation timing on mobile. In fact, I would’ve changed that already, but I’ve not found a way to edit the animation in a cascading manner. Will I have to duplicate the entire object, hide it from other views, and apply a new animation?

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Wow, I’m on desktop now @dboccia and my brain just exploded haha, where’s my helmet!
You did an amazing job of integrating masks into your design and sliders in a way I haven’t seen them used before. Just, pure, awesomeness! :smiley:

As far as the animation timing on mobile, there’s no way to change interactions by screen size yet but there may be one day. You should add that to the Wishlist/Feedback :wink:

An easy solution for that would be to duplicate your content, and make the one version only display on desktop, and the other on mobile, and add additional interactions (duplicate current ones and make them like “V2 Mobile” of each flow in interaction) for it. It can get quite hectic though doing that.

All in all, this is seriously one of my favorite sites I’ve ever seen built in Webflow. Incredible job!

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Great job! I love that hero section. How did you create cutout on it?

I’ll be doing that @Waldo.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey @MinewireNetwork, It’s pretty simple.

For the cutout in this case, I start off with a 3 column row, being that the first and last column will be the the white squares. I then place a div inside the central column, and have those triangular images float left/right. I then placed another div and had it positioned absolute to center/bottom and gave it a repeating triangle background. A final div is placed under the row object and a height is set to provide the desired breathing space.

Howl at me if you’ve any questions.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks @dboccia! Excellent job. :smiley:


Yes, I agree. Great job on the site and love the interactions (there are lot of them… too many?)

Perhaps better to say WE BELIEVE PASSION WORKS as the headings instead of WE BELIEVE PASSIONS WORK … assuming you want it to read like a sentence :smile:

Like the idea behind this. One small thing you may want to fix is the opacity of the navbar on scroll. It’s too light, so it looks as if it’s fading behind the rest of the content.


Hey @DanUK1! What interactions did you feel were most unnecessary/made your experience bloated?

Also, yes it is supposed to read like a sentence. When I wrote it, I was thinking about “Our Passions” and “Our Work”. Also, I though I could get away with “Work” being singular, but not “Passion”, since there are multiple items in the section. Anyway, none of that matters if people don’t think it feels right. How strongly do you feel about this?

@dboccia Hi - I understand what you mean by several passions, but purely from a sentence structure (as opposed to several headings), it is incorrect as it currently stands. To me, it sounds strange to read it that way. However, personally I think you can have ‘Passion’ as a heading; it doesn’t need to be plural, even though you have several ‘passions’ within the section.

With regard to the interactions, perhaps I was a bit too hasty. I’ve had another look and it seems fine. I think I scrolled too quickly last time, resulting in many interactions happening at the same time and as such didn’t know where to look first!

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Hey @jordanshotwell! I completely agree. I’ve now increased passive opacity from 50% to 80%.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey @DanUK1. I understand now and have made the corrections. Did you like the idea though?

Thanks for the feedback!