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Side menu & contents

Hi all!
Is it possible to create a similar site to the below, with Webflow?

I’ve a client that is stuck with this kind of design and despite other proposals, he just wants something like this… Side menu, with dropdowns opened at the side (instead of below) and sliding contents over changing backgrounds, as in the example site.

Can this be done without code?

Thanks in advance for feedback!

Yes it can be done without code, with little differences. The hard thing to do is keeping the same element for the description column and change its content on the fly. Would be easier to decide each link as a set of submenu column + description column and make them slide in on click.

That being said, there are two things to consider:

  • No code but a fair amount of interactions. Even if it’s not that many in the end, it takes time to plan them, to test them and to redo what bugs, because things bug and the best way to go around is to build differently. Skills and experience needed to plan structure ahead, to be able to reuse interactions limited to childs elements as much as it is possible.
  • Skills are required to be able to manage elements in Webflow builder during the site creation. As everything slides in and out in the same window, you need to be able to hide/unhide elements to edit their content, easily. It requires, again, a bit of training.

This is the kind of website I’m not going to show you how to make it in details here because it’s a lot of work.

Personally I find the navigation on the reference website a bit messy… it seems you do too (:

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Thanks Vincent.
I’ve been trying around and had no idea how to do it. You confirmed my thoughts about it… It’s not that easy and, I do agree, it seems that the the information gets lost in the navbar.

Sometimes you find yourself inside projects that you know in advance that it will be a head hake… For the project itself, for the clients’ expectations vs ideas vs what they’re willing to pay… This is one of those cases…

I’ll think it trough and try to present something based on this king of design, but much simpler… Meeting value with expectations.

Thanks again. (: