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Horizontal menu swipe


I am new to Webflow! I am considering investing a lot of time learning Webflow now that Muse is dead and I will soon need to move my site somewhere else.

I need to know if in Webflow I can replicate a horizontal menu swipe like the one you see on the site (beauty, dress time, timeless etc…).

Does anybody know how to achieve this effect in Webflow?

Thank very much in advance for your time.
George Kokkinidis

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Yes, absolutely! I’ve used similar functionality for the mobile submenu version of this site:

All you’ll need to do is se the container div to allow overflow and it will automatically allow the inner div to scroll horizontally.

Let me know if you need further help and I’m happy to record a video for you when I’m back in front of my computer!

To add to @adiggy suggestion you may also want to hide the horizontal scrollbar (more useful on desktop of course) with the help of setting the overflow of the parent to hidden and pushing content a little bit so that the scrollbar is invisible - it will be slightly approximate since chrome and firefox have different scrollbar widths but it is still a good idea)