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Please look at this website

I would appreciate your thoughts and opinions about the website - below.

How it looks… the way it works… and the way you might build it.

Is it possible in WebFlow.

I met with the CIO of a potential client today… who specifically pointed out the website below.

They also mentioned… “We don’t have this specific experience in-house to handle this project.”

And they specifically asked, “Can you do something like this… but for our product ?”

Notice the word “specific” again. They used “it” several times in our discussion.

These people are very picky. Just like me… so I understand them very well.

Personally, I can do most of it. With JQuery and Bootstrap.

But there are some aspects that I’ve never done before… but I never shy away from different / new ideas - and would be very interested in learning / picking up this skill.

On a side note: The client does has further requirements that take the website into a full application… which would require either php or coldfusion and mysql or sql server. The example website below is just part of the front-end sales UI/UX aspect of the potential project.

Here’s the website:

This could be done in Webflow but would need some major custom work. I understand that you want to try new things but if you are not capable of doing this just by looking at its functionality then I would not try it on an actual client project. You could get into serious time management trouble not to mention if you can’t get something like this running to their standards.

Huge tip: Don’t offer something to someone if you can commit to it confidently.

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Perhaps I didn’t explain correctly.

I can do most of this project using jquery, bootstrap and a variety of other libraries like firefly.

There are a couple things here that I don’t know how to do - but that’s not a “big issue” for me.

  • What I don’t know… I can pick up very quickly.

The biggest thing I like about WebFlow… is it’s interface. It’s pretty much a UI on top of JQuery.

  • No one else has implemented this as well as WebFlow. I know there are others trying.

I would prefer “keeping my work in WebFlow”… because of the interface.

  • That’s how much I love this interface.

But in doing so… I have to deal with “some limitations” of WebFlow.

I’m trying to figure “how much of this project” could be done in WebFlow.

  • I already know I can do it… outside of WebFlow - but then I lose the wonderful interface.

I’m not promising (to a client) something I cannot deliver. I am trying to pick the tools “to build it”.

I’m sure you know… with most web applications (not websites)…

  • the UI is only a small fraction of the entire system. Most of the work is php/cf/mysql/sqsvr.

Which is what I specialize in. I am developer “gone UI”. Not a UI person… “gone developer”.

To me, the site you’ve linked isn’t a website, it’s an interactive thing. It hacks the scrolling too much, I can’t even scroll to the bottom under a minute with a tablet, must be the same with a trackpad. Vertical sites with interactions are nice, but when it’s well done, and when the motion serves a purpose. A very deep page to emphase the depth of oceans, a moving element upon scroll to move it higher in the visual hierarchy, etc… When everything is in motion, nothing pop out. I visited the site and can’t recall any key info, I don’t even noticed if it’s for the art, the knowledge or if it sells something. What I remember is they’re good at textures and video textures, they’re good and seems light (: