I need help with making a Menu

Can I replicate this menu?

What I would like to make:

  1. Scroll down on page → Navbar goes up, and the other way around.
    (This worked for me by setting the navbar to a fixed position.)

  2. When the Nav Menu is open → Navbar + Nav Menu are fixed.
    (so they don’t move when scrolling up and down the visible page)

  • I could not make this work :frowning:
  1. The Nav Menu has different subcategories, which appear on the right when clicked.
  • I could not make this work :frowning:
  1. The Nav Menu has a vertical scrolling bar on the right side.
  • I could not make this work :frowning:

hi @Fryso what you are trying to build is called mega navigation or better multi level navigation and you can’t create it “no-code” way with native WF tools. You can create it only with custom code and it is not easy to build including responsiveness and accessibility (correct keyboard navigation) . There are many examples on net to see how you can build one.

good luck

Thanks for replying :smiley: !

I am new to webflow, so i hope i can work my way around coding this.

if you are developer that’s for sure as navigations are complex and challenging modules to build.

Do you know the estimated time to build this type of menu? Or is it that complex that it would take me days to make.

Edit: Are there existing codes that i can copy?


That depends on your dev skills.

You can look on “made in Webflow” if you will find something similar that can save you some time if you never build one and modify it to your needs. But understanding code is crucial.

Good luck

Thanks a lot for the help! I saw a video, and I think I can copy some codes. Do you know if, once I’ve customized the menu to my preference, I can continue working on the links of the menu with the normal WF-builder?