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Material designesque side navigation

Hi All,

Has anyone see side navigation being implemented similar to the material design website:

I want to have sub menu items on the side nav like:

If there is any project that has implemented anything similar or if there is custom code please let me know.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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That’s a classic accordion menu tht you can craft by modifying the menu item dropdown so that it pushes down what’s underneath when it opens.

Here’s the sharing link:

Thanks Vincent. Is there a way i can clone the project and try out a few things of my own?
again thanks for your help in advance.

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I didn’t gave it to you to be cloned for a good reason: I made this 4 years ago and I fiddled too much with the Navbar element for a reason that’s obsolete today. And as I prepared this demo for you this morning I noticed that the Navbar is properly FUBAR and doesn’t even allow Navbar Settings to work anymore.

So the decision is in your interest :smiley:

It’s very easy to craft though. Start on your own and come back with a sharing link for more help.

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